Be mobile, it’s app to you

We develop applications for the 4.0 Industry, Mobility, Food, Sports, Smart Cities and Marketing.

Your partner to integrate mobile technologies into your company

We develop mobile and tablet applications using hybrid and native technologies.

Team is made up by a high qualified and multidisciplinary profiles working mainly in Logistics 4.0, Mobility, Sports, Agrofood and SmartCities. More than 20 people working hard specifically on mobile sector.

“100% Mobile Thinking” is the strategy to promote the growth of our clients. We believe the best way is to bet on mobile apps which allows you to create a link thanks to a correct user experience.

We developed our own Design System for Apps and we help our clients to design and create their own design system

If you never heard about “design system”, you will do it soon. It is a bunch of rules composed by design and code through different components which allows you to create modular apps. This modular system is letting us reuse and develop scalable apps with a very consistent software base.

ZERO system is ideal for companies with 1 or more apps as you can reuse components from the first app onwards. Also complies with WCAG AA and european standards.

Same app for everybody. Accessibility rules are applied on iOS and Android apps

We firmly believe that digital experience has to be accessible for every single person with different needs.

Accessibility is an essential aspect in the development of our Apps. As of 06.23.2021, it will also be a requirement for all the Apps that belong to the AAPP and the apps subsidized in accordance with the European Standard EN 301 549.

Issues such as easy reading, color contrasts, navigation structure, element labeling and usability, among others, are elements that are taken into account in the development of our projects.

To have a Mobile First personal and professional  life means that we have to adapt quickly to the vertiginous changes in technology

These changes are not exclusively related to updates on new frameworks that keep us maintaining software constantly. Are more related to new disciplines like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT or Connectivity (Bluetooth or NFC) which have direct impact on mobile technologies on our projects so.