PAPPSTOR, an IoT solution for the cattle industry

Cattle breeders lack reliable information of their assets in order to improve their decision-making.  The absence of technological habits in the sector and the spreading out of cattle over vast areas means the breeders have no real time information of the state or traceability of the cattle in order to study the behavioural patterns and prediction of each animal.

PAPPSTOR provides IoT technologies to the cattle industry to optimise production processes during the cattle’s life cycle.

Each cow wears a collar incorporating different sensors, that constantly compile data, these are stored and encrypted in the cloud, and generate information that can be consulted via the mobile APP and the management panel.

The stable is provided with a weighing carpet enabling the control of cattle weight in order to complete the data cycle related to feeding and cow control.

PAPPSTOR provides cattle breeders with the tools to monitor the state of health of their animals as well as the:

  • Cattle geo-positioning
  • Animal Activity
  • Steps taken by the animal
  • Time animal’s feed
  • Animal weight

Thanks to the implementation of a technological solution, the cattle breeder can:

  • Constantly follow-up cattle status
  • Trace each animal’s life cycle
  • Comply with the cattle health and care legislation in each country
  • Predict productivity thanks to the information available
  • Improve meat quality thanks to the preventive care given to the animals
  • Increase meat production

Who could be interested in PAPPSTOR?

PAPPSTOR is aimed at cattle breeders who seek excellence in breeding beef cattle in large as well as small farms.

Financed by:

CDTI, Centro para el desasrrollo tecnológico Industrial
CDTI, Centro para el desasrrollo tecnológico Industrial

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