Bulk SMS Platform & Certificated SMS

Standard sending messages

Our SMS platform enables you to simultaneously send as many messages as you want from a totally simple and versatile platform.

It also integrates with other systems via API in order to connect communications with other company systems.

You can read the following article to go deeply into the differences and efectiveness between emailing, SMS & Whats App Business.

Certificated SMS

A certificated SMS it is a notification sent via SMS with legal validation. Sending certificated messages you can do it at the moment and it is economic. It replaces the burofax and certified letters as proof of reliable notification in court. Some cases where you can apply this tool would be in:

  • public administration: notifications of fines, taxes, calls for public employment, tenders.
  • law firms: notifications of legal procedures.
  • businesses or companies: claim for non-payments, collection of personal data, confirmation of orders or collections.
  • confirmation of service registrations and cancellations
  • reminders of contract renewal dates, insurance policies, pending fees


Who could be interested in an SMS Platform?  

The platform is aimed at any organisation who wishes to communicate with citizens, or target audience, be it internal or external, any information, enquiries, promotions, appointments, discounts or any relevant data for the organisation’s target.

If it seems like a solution that fits your company, don’t hesitate

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