ATE, Visitor Entry System

ATE is a digital solution that makes possible to optimise the recording of visits to your company, in a building or at your events.

At present most of the recording is done manually slowing down waiting times in queues, duplicating managing and information reporting processes and leaving the personal data of users unprotected, the latter being, an indispensable requirement for data protection in accordance with the GDPR.

Do you want to see how it works?Just look up the following video:


ATE, Visitor Entry System from Batura Mobile on Vimeo.


Thanks to ATE you could improve some issues:

  • Digitalize the user recording process.
  • Check on real time who visitors are in and out of the building.
  • Provide the data securely and is only accessible to the assigned persons in the company.
  • Reduce the reception person’s tasks allowing him/her to dedicate time to other more operational tasks.
  • Reduce visitors’ waiting times or queues.
  • Obtain a very good experience from your visitors.
  • Get a more sustainable company.

Who could be interested in ATE?

The APP is aimed at all organisations that receive visitors and manage this process on paper or do not even record it as such.

If it seems like a solution that fits your company, don’t hesitate;

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