ULMA Construction, Android apps to improve internal processes

Apps móviles de ULMA Construction


Apps móviles de ULMA Construction

Mobile solutions for the industry sector.

ULMA Construction is a leading manufacturer and supplier of formwork, falsework and scaffolding systems that belongs to the ULMA Group. They offer high-performance industrialized systems and reliable services, with a presence in several countries.

BATURA is ULMA Construction‘s partner for the development of projects for mobile devices.


Business Needs

ULMA Construction‘s logistics processes are particular, to the extent that in addition to manufacturing, its business is based on material rental. Which implies a control over the materials that they send to their clients and come back after a while, as well as their status.

ULMA Construction‘s commitment to digitization has always been firm. Within the improvement of its processes, ULMA opted for the creation of different vertical mobile applications in Android technology, which cover the needs of different profiles within the warehouses, with the aim of improving the efficiency of all the people involved in the processes.


Mobile Business Solution

There are several mobile solutions developed on rugged mobiles and distributed via MDM.


From different Apps you can:

  • Make entries / warehouse receipts
  • prepare orders
  • Carry out expeditions / departures
  • View customer order statuses
  • justify jobs
  • Justify shipments
  • Perform license plate readings
  • Interact with the APP by voice
  • Complete parts of work
  • Label items and packages
  • ….

This solution has been deployed in several countries where ULMA has subsidiaries, helping to standardize the company’s corporate processes.

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