ZIUR Industrial Cybersecurity Center in Gipuzkoa, ATE visitor entry system

Industrial Cyber Security Center-Gipuzkoa

ZIUR is the Industrial Cybersecurity Center in Gipuzkoa. We help industrial companies to strengthen their capabilities in cybersecurity and we contribute to the development of the sector in our territory and push for an international positioning.

The Center is inaugurated in November 2019 and among all the actions to be carried out in a process as relevant as the start-up of an organization, they decide to implement the ATE solution for the registration of visits in their facilities. In this way, the guests and attendees of the different activities or visits received at the center are subject to a control of entries and exits with a registration and identification system according to the needs of the Foundation.

Thanks to ATE, ZIUR can manage the following issues:

  • Data recording in a simple and fast way from the APP on the tablet located at the reception, which can be done by the visitor himself. 
  • Email notifications when a new visitor is coming to visit you.
  • Check In/Out Visitors on the web panel.
  • Data management from visitors and reasons for visit to analyse the different kind of visits they have.
  • Data recording on the SmartCard to improve interaction between courses assistants.
  • Data management complying current data protection and privacy law (GDPR).

With this solution, ZIUR is committed to a technical and safe solution for the management of people who attend its headquarters. Projecting an image of technological innovation and being consistent with its mission and innovative character.

If you want to know more, you can see how ATE works.

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