IBaaS, Intelligent Bots as a Service

Proyecto Innovación IBAAS

Proyecto Innovación IBAAS

Proyecto desarrollado con la implementacion de chatbots en el sector transporte

IBaaSService platform for the provision of Informational and Decision-making Intelligent Bots

General information

Program: 2017 HAZITEK

Annuities: 2017 to 2019

Consortium: Xupera, Arteman, Batura Mobile, Goiena, Mondragon International Education.

Partners: ISEA, Fulsion.

Project description

The IBaaS (Intelligent Bots as a Service) project arises aware of the enormous potential of the market, the advantages and opportunities that this type of solutions bring to organizations and citizens, and above all, aware of the opportunities that exist to overcome many of the current limitations of technology, configuring an innovative value proposition that responds to the real needs of organizations.

The members of the IBaaS project consortium are fully aware of the enormous economic and technological resources that companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Telegram, Google, Yahoo and Oracle have. It is not our intention, therefore, to try to compete directly with them, or to be the architects in the necessary standardization of the solutions that reach the market. The current strategies of all these companies are horizontal (the same solutions for all companies and all sectors). Also are eminently endogamous, trying to make their solution the one used, with its tools, its platform and its system of communication, trying to attract the maximum developers, so that they develop chatbot solutions based on their technology.


There are therefore enormous advantages of exploiting the “market niche” left by these large companies, with a solution closer to the reality of our organizations, which is:


  1. Independent of the communication platform.
  2. Fully functional for the Spanish and Basque languages.
  3. That facilitates its use and integration.
  4. Even that provides certain technological innovations that overcome the limitations of the chatbot systems existing today.


This is the framework of the IBaaS project, an eminently innovative project that seeks through the development and integration of the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence (semantic algorithms, natural language processing, machine learning, Bayesian networks, graph theory, etc.) and Distributed Computing, to develop a Cloud Platform for the provision of Smart Bots integration services in companies and public Administration entities, under a pay-per-use model.


Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Integrating third parties


Data exploitation
Published APPs
User experience
User Interface
Proyecto Innovación IBAAS

Proyecto Innovación IBAAS

Proyecto desarrollado con la implementacion de chatbots en el sector transporte