eKanban, an APP for managing production and logistics in real time

eKanban is an advanced logistics solution to connect your company’s suppliers and clients, thus providing an optimum, accurate and transparent service in real time thanks to the high level of interaction between both parts.


For most companies, warehouse inventory management is often quite complex and may result in certain losses, problems with clients and difficulties in managing orders and lead times.

The  Orkli company, deals in the manufacturing and selling of components for the climate control sector, it has developed this solution providing the market with the following solution.  

eKanban solution by Orkli

Within the productive process, the client consumes the supplier bought components. These are then read by a scanner and validated by means of the Android APP provided by eKanban. Thanks to this, the supplier automatically knows how many units have been consumed and prepares a new order, thereby proactively managing its client’s materials. This approach offers an agile service, eliminating administrative processes that may slow down the manufacturing of the end product and keeping an accurate control of the warehouse output and orders by means of a simple process via a mobile phone.

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