Maintenance of the APPS of the Mobility and Sustainability Area

Apps móviles del Área de Movilidad - Bilboko Udala

Apps móviles del Área de Movilidad – Bilboko Udala

Apps móviles del Área de Movilidad - Bilboko Udala

Bilbao City Council Mobility Applications

In Batura we have achieved the preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance contract of the different mobile applications and information services linked to the mobile platform of the Mobility and Sustainability Area. 

Also is included the performance of services related to the definition, implementation and start-up of new developments involving investments.


Currently within the contract there are four applications on which we will work from today until the next minimum three years, maximum five years.


The challenges of the contract can be divided into four:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Evolutionary applications
  • New projects to tackle


All the work to be carried out will be aligned with the Mobility Area of ​​the City Council and BilbaoTik, always in line with advancing in technological renovation, compliance with accessibility, usability of the user interface


Current applications



It is the current application aimed at citizens who want to find information about the Bilbobus lines and bus stops. You can also check waiting times, save Favorites for both stops and lines, push notifications, Twitter, Rates and Citizens’ mailbox.

It is an application published in June 2015 in the main Stores and on the Internet. It currently consists of more than 50,000 downloads.

In turn, Bilbobus has other information screens at the following points:




It is the current application that covers the OTA service for the citizens of Bilbao. With it, it is possible to carry out the necessary steps to register parking, Leave parking, Cancel complaints and check the history of procedures.

The application was published in June 2017 and currently has more than 100K downloads.



It is an application for private use that allows the geopositioning of subsidized hybrid vehicles where it collaborates with the knowledge and improvements for the mobility of some types of vehicles in the city.



Integrating third parties


Published APPs
User Interface
User experience