Solutions for smarter, more sustainable and connected mobility

Mobile solutions are key in the development of mobility and logistics.

The mobility of people, the logistics of goods and intralogistics within the Industry, require more and more technology for the correct provision of services to end users and traceability in companies.

Projects in this area are highly complex and usually have multiple actors acting in a chain to provide accurate information at the right time. A correct approach to the mobile solution in terms of usability and accessibility is crucial so that all previous efforts are successful and the end user can consume the necessary service, for example:

  • A person who wants to consult a transport on the mobile.
  • A person from a SAT service who wants to solve incidents and report the work done from his work tablet.
  • A person who wants to sign up for services related to their vehicle.
  • A person who makes a reservation at a charging station from his Android Auto or Apple Car.