Euskotren: Design of an accessible Mobile APP for Android and iOS

The app allows you to check all the information about Euskotren mobile app in a very usable way

Euskotren is the leading transport operator company in the Basque Country. It is a public service based on quality, safety and efficiency which transports more than 30 million people every year.


Native Euskotren app on Android and iOS

Euskotren needed a new supplier, which it requested through a public tender, to remake and provide all preventive and corrective maintenance services for the Mobile Application based on the app that existed at that time. It was necessary for it to be integrated with their systems and to guarantee the stability and correct functioning of the application based on a series of evolutionary requirements that consisted of:

  • Improve application performance.
  • Incorporation of new languages.
  • Visual update based on both the projection of the corporate image and the improvement of universal design and accessibility for broad use of the App to all citizens.
  • PUSH notifications.


To meet the requirements, a project was proposed to cover those needs:

  • Development in native technology: Android app development and iOS App development to guarantee the stability of the solution.
  • Integration with Euskotren BackEnd for consulting schedules, alerts, 112 emergency service, user registration, reporting incidents and queries.
  • Information results according to your geographical position.
  • Management of favorite routes for the user.
  • Corporate image update.
  • Implementation of a design system for correct use of the APP by people with different visual or auditory needs.


Evolution of the Euskotren App

The project has continued to grow and incorporate new functionalities that help the user in their daily lives:

  1. Incorporating all existing modes of transport into the service such as Train, Tram, Funicular and Buses.
  2. Design and development of Interactive Plan with all the lines.
  3. Implementation of Dark Mode or Dark Mode of the application.
  4. Design and development of routes with transfers to other types of transport.
  5. Incorporation of green routes related to the municipalities of the routes.

Mobile accessibility

Among Euskotren’s commitments is to rigorously comply with accessibility requirements, for inclusion and diversity in favor of mobility, allowing citizens the same access to information on means of transportation, mainly trains and trams. of Euskadi.


If you want more information about the project you can see it in this post “Apps accesibles para las SmartCities.”

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