App distribution via IBM With Watson MaaS360

MDM Maas360 Gestión multidispositivo


MDM Maas360 Gestión multidispositivo

The MaaS360 platform helps you distribute private apps and manage the mobile devices used within your company.

From Batura we manage different types of applications. Many of them are available on Google Play and Apple Store, since they are aimed at citizens.

But many others are aimed at improving internal processes within a company, such as improving warehouse management, parts control, customer order management, and many other work processes. Therefore, the distribution of this type of apps must be done in a private, secure and controlled way, thus being able to distribute new versions in a simple and uniform way.

For this reason, and after a deep analysis between different device management platforms, Batura has chosen to incorporate MaaS360 from IBM With Watson for the massive deployment of corporate apps.


What is an UEM?

Unified Endpoint Management is the management of unified endpoints, or simply speaking, the device management platform that allows you to have a correct administration of the devices and management of the security of their information.

We share a video that explains in a simple way what a platform of this type is and how it contributes in the day to day of the organization.



To get to this point it has gone through different stages:

  1. We remember the beginning of MDM (Mobile Device Management), as a cloud platform that allows the management, control and monitoring of devices.
  2. Once that control was achieved, according to new needs, EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) was evolved, where the part of application management and custom policy configuration entered within a device, whether in corporate mode or in the popular BYOD mode (Belong your Own Device).
  3. The evolution of technology, vulnerability and the need for security and the incorporation of countless equipment for different purposes, has led us to the UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) concept for the complete management of endpoints such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, printers and third-party devices (IoT) used in the different processes of the organization.

Main features

  • Unified endpoint management: Mobile devices, phablets, laptops, third-party devices (IoT).
  • Remote configuration of corporate devices or BYOD (belong your own device) separating the personal from the professional.
  • Application of different behavior, use and access policies according to needs.
  • Automatic updates of applications.
  • Security management.
  • Zero infrastructure.
  • Quick activation of devices.
  • Management of a single identity.
  • Content management, secure browser, application security and access to protected networks.


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