Berolora, smart home platform for energy efficiency in homes and buildings

General information

Programme: CDTI I+D Cooperación
Annuities: 2022-2024
Consortium: FonlabsBatura Mobile

Project description

BEROLORA is an R&D project focused on the energy efficiency of homes and buildings in general. Its objective is to incorporate a new generation of wireless technologies, designed for the IoT ecosystem, which facilitate the incorporation of different energy measurement and control devices. Likewise, it will be a tool to comply with the energy efficiency criteria and objectives set at both the European and national levels.


This project will try to demonstrate in a first phase that LoRaWAN® is a viable technology for Smart Home that allows you to first manage the energy needs of a home and demonstrate how the LoRaWAN® smart valve solution, together with the cost allocators, allow you to control individual energy expenditure in a building. At the same time, the system must be capable of managing this consumption in a more rational and efficient way.


In a second phase, we will delve into how this technology is capable of expanding these services to lighting, alarms, electricity, and control of household appliances in such a way that complete and systemic management of the home is carried out in a multi-manufacturer environment.



Within the project, a mobile application and a cloud platform will be developed that will cover functions for the main users of the solution:

Private users

It will allow you to manage home heating either individually per radiator or completely throughout the house. You can set the heating to be turned on based on temperatures, objectives or proximity, as well as manage heating costs.


Maintenance company users

It will allow you to manage the heating energy consumption per home, turn on the heating of only certain areas of the building and will also help in the management of energy consumption per home, as well as better schedule periodic maintenance.

In the event of an incident, there will be the possibility of monitoring what is happening on a specific device.

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Con la financiación de:

CDTI, Centro para el desasrrollo tecnológico Industrial

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