Multihub, Promotion of the electrification of urban transport

General Information

Program: Hazitek Estrategiko

Annuities: 2021-2023

Consortium: JemaBatura Mobile, Edinor, Ibil, Ingartek, ITS, Izertis

Partners: Ceit, Gaia, Elhuyar, Instituto Ibermática de Innovación – i3B, Tekniker

Project description

The consortium is formed by developers of power electronics systems, charging point network operators, mobility consultants and ICT experts in Artificial Intelligence, IoT sensors and cybersecurity whom join together to carry out the MULTIHUB project. Our purpose is to promote the adoption of electromobility by providing users with access to new multi-vehicle charging infrastructures that are available, efficient, sustainable and safe.


Development of a mobile application to provide information to the user through voice: An application that will make use of the intelligent functionalities of vehicles and smartphones to facilitate interaction with the electric vehicle charging network offered by IBIL.


The main actions that users could perform using their voice are:

  • searching for public charging terminals close to the user’s current location or destination
  • reserving public charging terminals
  • configuring private terminals

This voice option allows the driver to interact with the charging network, on the move, without taking his hands off the wheel and avoiding distractions that could lead to a traffic accident.
All this thanks to advanced interaction (NLP) through the voice assistant of the most widespread operating systems in the EV market. In addition to enabling interaction through the majority of languages ​​(English, Spanish, etc.), voice interaction will be possible with more local languages like Basque, for example.

Certificación Programa Ayudas ID Hazitek


Certificación Programa Ayudas ID Hazitek

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