NEKATA – Empowering Elikagai-Industria with Big Data

Proyecto Nekata Hazitek

Proyecto Nekata Hazitek

Proyecto Nekata Hazitek

NEKATAEmpowering Elikagai-Industria with Big Data

General information

Program: 2017 HAZITEK

Annuities: 2017 to 2019

Consortium: Haiko Technologies y Batura Mobile.

Partners: Vicomtech.

Project description

This project consists of a solution based on IoT technologies which allows the integration of different data sources. The goal is to obtain enough data for real time analytics to optimize production processes and improve business decision-making.

Unifying information from a bunch of sensors allows a company to be more predictive and get ahead of the results. Also not just the data but the analytics can be shown on different devices. 


The challenge for agri-food companies is focused not only on defining an IoT vision, but also on evaluating opportunities for improvement to define a roadmap that allows data to be transformed into productive actions. The goal is not to acquire as much data as possible, but to establish a data strategy that has the greatest impact on the future of the industry.

The main objective of the project is the design and implementation of an advanced IoT platform, which allows the management of heterogeneous data from multimodal sensor networks, which acquire and process information continuously and in real time on production processes, offering analytical solutions Advanced for productive management and decision-making in the agro-food industries.


Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Integrating third parties


Data exploitation
Management panel
Proyecto Nekata Hazitek

Proyecto Nekata Hazitek

Proyecto Nekata Hazitek