Bilbao City Council, citizens’ incident reporting

“Mejora Bilbao” (“Improve Bilbao”) is a mobile citizens participation platform in real time.  We have developed a simple and intuitive platform, that enables citizens to report incidents, suggestions and improvements on issues such as water networks, sewage, lighting, cleaning and waste disposal, green belt, parks and gardens, street furniture, roads, bicycles and public spaces.


This allows the Bilbao City Council to enable users to inform and help improve the city via their Smartphone. If someone sees, for example, a broken street light, loose tiles, vandalism, the area corresponding to the incident is selected, a photograph is sent and an incident is automatically opened in the department in charge of the issue in the City Council. At this point a new incident is opened which has to be responded to in the shortest possible time and once resolved has then to be informed to the citizens.

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