KORRIKA: The mobile app in favour of the Basque language

KORRIKA is a race organized by AEK in favor of Basque language, which runs throughout the Basque Country. The objective of this race is twofold: on the one hand, to promote awareness in favor of Basque, and, on the other, to raise funds to carry out this work day by day in the AEK Basque learning centers.

During the race, the participants carry a baton that is passed from hand to hand, kilometer by kilometer. The baton carries inside a message written by some relevant figure in our language, which is not made public until the end of the event.

KORRIKA has become a highly anticipated event, which, every two years, mobilizes the entire society of Euskal Herria. Participation increases in each edition, and thousands of people work voluntarily in its organization through the committees that are formed in towns and neighborhoods. In addition, during the race, hundreds of cultural and recreational activities are carried out.

Project requirements of KORRIKA

From KORRIKA it was necessary to create a digital communication channel with the participants and collaborators of the project.

It is necessary a mobile app to have a space where all the information related to the event can be brought together covering the following requirements:

  • Be able to check the most relevant information before and during the event.
  • Analyze and provide a baton tracking solution.
  • Create a place for KORRIKA “Collaborators”, where they can participate in exclusive giveaways.
  • Integration with AEK systems.

Mobile app solution for KORRIKA

The proposed solution is a mobile application developed with hybrid technology which supports Android and iOS platforms. It is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.

The user experience has been worked on by proposing two different interfaces depending on the time of the event, before the start of the race and during the race.

The main functionalities are:

  1. Countdown
    Until the race begins, the application shows the remaining time until the event begins.
  2. Baton location
    During the race, you can follow the baton on real-time geopositionted within the course. A tracking device has been implemented for this purpose.
  3. Point Search options
    The KORRIKA points are the spaces where each participating entity waits for the baton from a previous group to arrive. At that point is where the corresponding section begins and ends when it gives way to the next entity that takes the baton.
    Special care has been taken to quickly search for these points and it has been a challenge considering that there are more than 2,500. They can be consulted both on the map on the complete route and in list mode.
    You can use the zoom to search on the map. You will find all the points with their details and in the case of the list, there are three different search methods depending on what users might want to search for: place, date or carrier.
  4. Weekly giveaways
    A special section has been created for those people who have decided to be “Collaborators” of KORRIKA. They have personal access where they can check the weekly giveaways that take place during the event and if they have been awarded.
  5. Push notifications
    To support this communication channel, alerts have been added to provide information to users about general information or any changes that occur during the race.

With this application we provide the KORRIKA organization with a means of communication with the people participating in this event.

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