We are what we make: Development of applications for iOS, Android, HTML. User Experience, Interface Design. Mobile Technology Consulting. Mobile Strategy.


After researching the market for over a year and a half, Batura Mobile Solutions S.L., is formed on 28 November 2006, at a time when Android and the iPhone didn’t exist and the leading mobile phone manufacturers were Nokia and Blackberry. The APP concept was unknown and it was time to turn the market into a believer


The first tourism applications were developed for mobiles, using the Bluetooth from the Bluegiga, WAP and SMS brands.


Batura’s international deployment commences, especially in France, Columbia and Panama. Initial approximations to Android and iOS.


Our commitment to Quality obtained the Premier certificate, equivalent to EFQM, within a context of economic crisis.  


Batura overcomes the economic crisis and commences a strategic thinking process opting for 4 sectors (Industry 4.0, Livestock Farming, Health and Smart Cities). In the midst of all this are the people that make this project possible.  


Quite likely the largest company specialised in mobile applications development in the Basque Country and northern region, with a stable client portfolio and focussed on defined strategic sectors.


Provide innovative, high added value and quality mobility solutions, to strengthen you company, by integrating mobility into the life of your company, into its areas, people and clients.  


We want to be the reference in Mobile SW Engineering in the northern region, recognised as an innovative company in the mobility sector, developing high quality and specialised products and solutions, that knows its clients real needs and efficiently exceeds their expectations, incorporating social responsibility to the management of all the organization’s processes.


At Batura we believe in:

  1. People
  2. Teamwork
  3. Achieving Results Persons + Clients
  4. Excellence
  5. Integrity, Ethics and Meritocracy

Do you have the attitude to join us? Become part of our team.

A multidisciplinary team

Jon Villamil - CEO & Co-Founder
Jon Villamil
Gotzon Arzelus - Business Director & Co-Founder
Gotzon Arzelus
Nahiara Sanchez - Art Direction & UX/UI
Nahiara Sanchez
Endika García - Development Director
Endika García
Pablo Santiago - Economic & Financial Manager
Pablo Santiago
Gabriela Seco - Sales & Marketing
Gabriela Seco
Unai Correa - Android Engineer
Unai Correa
Rubén Alonso - iOS Engineer
Rubén Alonso
Iratxe Lafuente - HTML & Android Engineer
Iratxe Lafuente
Koldo Calvo - Project Engineer Analyst
Koldo Calvo
Urtzi Aresti - Backend Engineer
Urtzi Aresti
Aitor Bizkarguenaga - Project & Research Manager
Aitor Bizkarguenaga
Mikel Lombera - Backend Engineer
Mikel Lombera
Jon Ercilla · Ertzil - Project Manager
Jon Ercilla · Ertzil

Partnerships that add value

Bilbao Ekintza
Cluster Movilidad y Logística
Five Flames Mobile
Gobierno Vasco – Departamento de Desarrollo Económico e Infraestructuras
Haiko Technologies
Pick to light
Promoción Económica Diputación Bizkaia
Telefonica Open Future